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About Us

Today, hospitality is the world’s largest generator of jobs, and in the next 10 years this global industry will continue to add another 130 million jobs. The unprecedented growth in hospitality has created a skyrocketing demand for trained manpower in this industry. Hospitality Science is a unique, comprehensive and balanced hotel management program where academic learning is mixed with hands-on work experience at hotel and resort properties. The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Hospitality Science offered by Asian school of hotel & cruise Management is designed to educate students in the fundamental principles of hospitality education, focusing on professional services and management techniques required by this specialist sector of the services industry. Moving on from courses centered on professional training in the areas of food and beverage, culinary arts and guest services, Hospitality Science has at present incorporated hotel and restaurant management in its scope of study, through development of its educational philosophy along with business principles. The course is oriented towards providing a sound base in hands-on management along with concentration on food and beverages operations. Students learn through practical, technique-oriented programmes in the kitchen, service and house-keeping departments. Their involvement in the activities of the Training Restaurant helps the students in practicing the principles learned in the labs and classroom. With dedicated hospitality professionals and experienced educators, a new benchmark in hospitality education has been set by Asian school of hotel & cruise Management. It operates on the philosophy of combining knowledge of management theory and substantial first hand knowledge of the practical aspects of hospitality, successfully balancing academic learning with hands on training.



To create outstanding educational facilities to inspire and transform young minds.



To disseminate knowledge & skills through value based teaching training & research.



Education for Progress & Prosperity.

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Our Vision

  • To produce middle level human resources required for hotel and catering industry.
  • To apply the professional knowledge and skills in the respected fields of hotel and catering industry.
  • To develop the positive attitudes towards the trade with greater initiative and self confidence in handling operations.
  • To apply critical thinking for problem-solving, decision making during the service procedures.
  • To understand organizational structure and function, and to be able to utilize this knowledge in various outlets of hotel and catering industry.
  • To follow the quality standards set by the organization for quality assurance of the services offered to customers.
  • To become a successful entrepreneur in a small size enterprise.

Director Desk

Education is a life learning process that starts from home, travels through school and then expands as Academics or Professional Education as per need, Competency and capability of a person. It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming you all to a Asian school of hotel & cruise management , Dehradun. It is an institute where discipline and punctuality with conducive environment provide quality education development in frontier areas of hospitality. We, the faculty, staff and administration at ASHCM work for producing superior for the country and the world with a purpose to serve the society & mankind. With strong team work we would achieve excellence in a highly competitive environment around us. With this I invite you to visit Asian school of hotel & cruise management to experience the difference.

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